This is the official homepage of "Don't Bankrupt America!"

We are a growing coalition of YOUNG LEADERS who are CONCERNED that Washington politicians are leading the nation towards bankruptcy and leaving the NEXT GENERATION with the bill.

We are dedicated to RESTORING fiscal responsibility to Washington, DC. 

We believe that the best path to this goal is to EMPOWER the STATES to FORCE CONGRESS to propose a Balanced Budget or Fiscal Discipline Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

We believe that a MOTIVATED group of young leaders like ourselves can focus the attention of public, spirited members of our generation, of the media, of state legislators, and eventually of national political leaders to solving one of our nations most critical problems.




Empower Yourself. Empower your State.

If you are interested in "Don't Bankrupt America" please email us! 

4056 41st Street North McLean VA 22101 US